Candy Troutman

Speaking Topics

J esus O ffers Y ou … J.O.Y!

I live in beautifulBoise,Idahoand am an inspirational speaker, available for community and women’s events, retreats, and conferences. My passion and signature talks center around the subjects of

Living Life More Simply and Intentionally
Leaving a Legacy

I can also tailor my talks to your event, theme or request.

Candy Troutman, speaker at women's conferences

Candy Troutman, inspirational speaker

CapeMay, New Jersey 2011

Weekend Retreat Topics Ready and Waiting:
♥ Friends/Friendship
Friends with God, Friends with Others, Friends with Ourselves
♥ Everyone Has a Story
Your Beginning, Your Heartsong, Your Legacy
♥ Heart to Heart, Hand in Hand, Living in Community

There are four talks for each theme.

Cascade, Idaho 2010

I enjoy speaking at:
Mother-Daughter Events
Small Business Seminars
Weekend Retreats
Senior Groups
Women’s Events

I am passionate about these subjects regarding the lives of women:
* your spirit
* your work
* your marriage
* your family
* your legacy

As a former Creative Memories Consultant, I can give other presentations such as family legacy through photos, photo organization, digital photography tips, as well as the business and bookkeeping side of starting a small business. I am also eager to speak about how to use the social networking sites to benefit your business, non-profit, family and friends.

I love all ages but also very much enjoy the elderly. I love working with Alzheimer’s residents, their caregivers, senior adult ministries, etc. So many people shy away from this precious age group.


If your event is an outreach to pre-Christians, I do have three talks which weave the Gospel in with my personal story:





“A Box of Chocolates”
Like Forrest Gump’s mama always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” I looked at life as an assortment of chocolates, trying different pieces, always sure it would be delicious. But time after time, what life actually brought me didn’t have the pleasant taste I was expecting.

But I came to know that life’s chocolates were worth tasting, and to realize that God is the one who decides which candies I should try next and how they will taste. And I continue to learn to trust His choices for me.

“Out of Order”
I was out of money … we thought all those credit card offers were only sent to the ‘special’ people. So we took advantage of all of them.

I was out of time … sadly, the schedule ruled our family … we didn’t rule the schedule.

I was out of strength … it became apparent that there really was no such thing as a “super woman” and “having it all.”

I had spent it all. Candy Troutman, an empty nester fromBoise,Idaho, shares her journey from ‘out of order’ to a life of balance and joy.

“Moving Toward Joy”
Stuck in the mire of obligation, living with the consequences of poor choices, and struggling with her value as a person, Candy shares her journey to living in her strengths and moving toward joy!

(The above talks are approved by Stonecroft Ministries.)

Special Music
If you really twist my arm, I might provide some special music for your event as well.
I sing in the shadow of your wings.” Ps. 63:7

I am fully aware that …“You are accountable only for your gifts and ministry. Don’t look at the effects and evaluate yourself or your gifts on that basis. Gifts are from the Spirit, the ministry is from the Lord, and the effect is from God — your responsibility is simply to be faithful.”
Kay Arthur

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Candy Troutman

1338 N. Jullion Ave.
Boise, Idaho 83704

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