Trusting God When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Years ago, I used to believe that if I prayed, read my Bible, and was obedient to God that He would spare me from unspeakable tragedies. I thought that a righteous life would grant me blessings. I thought it would grant me favor with God when I called out to be rescued. I was not totally correct in my theology, or views about God. Yes, God does bless those who love Him and obey Him, but loving God doesn’t necessarily mean that He will spare you from all heartache. Consider an example in the Bible. In Genesis 39:2-23, we read that Joseph refused to have sex with his master’s wife. As a result, she lied about him and he was thrown into prison. Joseph wasn’t delivered; he was incarcerated and forced to make some choices. Would he still love God even when life didn’t go his way? Would he still have faith in God when nothing made sense?

Joseph chose to love God when he felt unloved, forsaken, and wrongly punished. As a result, God did eventually bless him and make him a ruler in Egypt, second only to Pharoah. However, Joseph had to remain faithful to God when he was clueless about how the pain and heartache he was experiencing would ever be used for his good. In the same manner, we will also suffer in life, but we must hold on to the promise that God loves us and can bring blessings even from our pain.

2 Responses to Encouragement

  1. Jason says:

    May God realize all your dreams, God Bless you

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