Flirting and Fun: Beautiful Supports for Bad Times

Fun in Marriage

Kevin and Melissa Main laughing and having fun

Laughing, kissing, flirting, and talking provide endless delight to a marriage, and these things are just as important to building a solid family as paying the bills. It’s those moments of fun and excitement that build camaraderie and help develop that sense of addiction to spending time together, and this is vital. Building the relationship, whispering jokes to each other, and making love all serve as highly addictive ingredients that keep each partner coming back to the other for more.

But sometimes taking the time to have fun seems childish when there are mounds of dirty laundry or scores of tasks needed to be completed. However, a solid marriage (a fun and delightful marriage) can withstand the pressure from outside sources easier than one that has been neglected. Date nights for spouses are the equivalent to fixing leaky roofs or repairing broken locks. They strengthen the marriage like repairs strengthen a house. Then when the rains come or bad times flood the marriage, the couple stays dry and protected, safe in the arms of each other. When the thief or the flirtatious man or woman tries to invade, the locks on the marriage are secure. The husband and wife know that the marriage is a safe place to be, a place to be loved and to experience joy and delight.

If your marriage is crumbling and you’re shaking your head and wondering if it’s too late to start romancing your spouse, give it a try. When times are tough in a marriage, it isn’t always necessary to discuss your problems all the time. (There should be a time to address them, but constantly focusing on troublesome issues isn’t helpful.) Sometimes it’s best to make time for fun when problems won’t be discussed. Set aside a time to just enjoy each other, whether it’s going out to eat, taking a walk beside a lake, or going hunting or shopping. Do something fun you both enjoy. Laugh. Talk. Flirt. Make love. Create the excitement in a marriage that makes you want to work out the issues.

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