Overcoming Adversity in the New Year: How to Experience Peace and Acceptance When Problems Strike

Don't Worry.

Don’t Worry.

God doesn’t always give us trials in bite-sized morsels. Sometimes trials come all at once and can seem overwhelming. I think of Job hearing one piece of bad news after another–his children died, his wealth was taken away, his servants were killed. If that wasn’t enough, he even lost his health. Sometimes we may wish to ask God to push the pause button on the disasters He allows into our lives. We may want to have time to process one calamity before being faced with another one.

When faced with a series of obstacles, we can become discouraged and bitter. We can also feel the urge to run away and not address the problem–whether it’s hanging up on the bill collector or refusing to complete an unpleasant task. Big problems seem to snowball and cause further problems. For example, my divorce broke my heart, devastated my finances, and caused strife in the family. God has helped my family overcome these issues, and He has blessed us, but we had to face many difficult obstacles all at one time.

To better deal with the problems, we must allow ourselves time to grieve. However, this time can not be used as an excuse for avoiding the problem. Problems tend to grow bigger when they are not kept in check. We must also take a look at our attitude. A negative and pessimistic attitude does not help difficult situations. We must determine what we can do to improve the situation and do it.

Prayer for wisdom during a crisis is a necessity. God can provide us with insight on how to deal with unpleasant situations. After we have prayed and taken proper action, we must not dwell on the problem or worry about it. Constructive action is vitally important, but worry only exhausts the mind and the body. Worry causes us to fear the problem or magnify it in our minds, and this is not productive. Besides, God commands us not to worry. He doesn’t want us to be idle in taking care of our problems, but He does want us to be wise. Prayer, godly counsel, Bible reading, and constructive action all serve to alleviate a problem or help us to deal with it. Worry, on the other hand, stifles our ability to think about a problem clearly and take appropriate action.

God wants to give us peace even in the midst of our problems. He wants us to take comfort in the knowledge that He cares for us and that He will give us the wisdom to take appropriate steps. In this life we will have problems, but in this life we can also have peace.

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