My Good Friend, Angela Wolf

Angela Wolf from Soul Salvage Project

Angela Wolf from Soul Salvage Project

Have you ever been devastated and in need of someone to give you a hand? I was at that point, but fortunately God sent me a good friend, Angela Wolf. My marriage to my ex-husband had been rocky, but the final blow came when he told me that he had gotten someone pregnant. That news devastated me, but Angela spent hours listening to me and encouraging me. Proverbs 18:24 says, “There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Angela stuck beside me during this tragic time in my life and helped me to face issues rather than run away from them.

Angela helped me to see the need to make good, responsible decisions during a chaotic and emotional time in my life. She cared about me and often told me things that were difficult for me to hear. She encouraged me to demand accountability from my ex husband. If he was willing to change, there would be hope. However, if he exhibited no signs of change, then I needed to accept the possibility that the marriage was over. Angela knew God could do the impossible and change anyone’s heart, but she also knew that God doesn’t force people to change. She wanted me to accept that I couldn’t save the marriage alone. Just as a drug addict has to make a step towards getting better, an adulterous husband or wife has to make a decision to change and repent. Ultimately, that marriage ended in divorce, but my friendship with Angela has remained a constant. By facing the reality of the situation, I was able to move forward with a new life.

I am so thankful for Angela’s influence on my life, and I’m glad that she will be able to encourage many others through her music ministry, Soul Salvage Project.
On January 3, 2013 the 700 Club on CBN will be featuring her testimony. I   encourage you to watch her on the 700 Club and to listen to her music.


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