Lessons from the Song of Solomon: Spending Time Together

English: Heart shaped shadow cast by a ring on...

English: Heart shaped shadow cast by a ring on Bible (Song of Solomon). Black and white; selective coloring created with Adobe Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My love calls to me: Arise my darling. Come away, my beautiful one. For now the winter is past; the rain has ended and gone away. Song of Solomon 2:10-11

In the beginning of a romance, spending time together is so thrilling and intoxicating that no one ever needs to mention the importance of quality time together. However, as the pressure of work and children pushes on a marriage, time together gets pushed down on the list of priorities. Surely, it’s more important to mop my floor or mow the lawn than to go make love with my spouse. Or is it? Surely it’s more important to put the kids in activities every day of the week than have a date night with my spouse. Or is it? Doesn’t your spouse deserve a time during the week to spend with you–just having fun and enjoying your company?

What do you enjoy doing together? Make a date. Plan something fun. Help each other with chores around the house. Flirt like you did when you were dating. Wink at each other. Laugh. Confide in each other. Talk with each other. Be each other’s best friend and hang out together. Enjoy each other.


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