Blog of the Year Award

Blog of the Year 2012 AwardDonkey Whisperer Farm honored me with the blog of the year award. Their website is a wonderful place to learn about healing. After an accident, Melody suffered chronic pain and had to learn to walk again. She shares her experiences of how she has learned to cope, and she also shares insights about training animals in a humane way through the Parelli method. Take a look at her website at Both of our blogs are written to help people overcome emotional pain and to learn to trust God for help during difficult times.

Thank you, Melody, for giving me this award.

Blogs I am nominating for the award:

1. Noel Williams 

2. Life of a Female Bible Warrior

3. Through a Child’s Eyes

4. John 3:16 Marketing Network

5. Tom Blubaugh  

6. Donkey Whisperer Farm

7. Return Home and Tell


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4 Responses to Blog of the Year Award

  1. Katherine Main says:

    Congratulions, however there is a typo in this i think “had to learn to I again”

  2. Thanks for giving me this award! I’ll be posting a thank you soon. God bless you both!

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