Thankfulness This Thanksgiving

My latest posts have been on the Song of Solomon. I’m enjoying reading this book of the

My Blessings This Thanksgiving

Bible again and again. It’s perfect for a romantic like me. When I think about this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the love in my life–the passionate love of my God who sent his only son to die for me and redeem me. I will spend eternity with the God who loves me because I have accepted the payment his son made for my sins. Throughout eternity, I will be loved, and throughout eternity, I will express my love and adoration for God.

God loves us more than anyone else, but I am also extremely thankful for the love of my family. When I read about the passion between the two lovers in the Song of Solomon, I’m glad that my love affair with my husband is also passionate. I agree with verse 8 of chapter 8; “Love’s flames are fiery flames–the fiercest of all.” And I do my best to keep throwing gas on the flames of our love.

When I see my two children, I can not express the thankfulness I feel for the two of them. Throughout both of my pregnancies, I had difficulties and could have easily lost my children. However, God gave me two miracles. Some of the sweetest moments of my life have been with them. I sacrificed my career while the two of them were young, but I am thankful for the hours that I spent rocking them, holding them, and kissing them. They are incredible, and I am thankful for the godly character that they display. God is truly working in their lives.

I am thankful for the new life I have. I never dreamed I would ever become a step-mom, but I have learned to love and appreciate four children who are not my own. I’ve been fascinated by their personalities and have grown to love them more as I have prayed for them throughout these past few years. As I watch them grow and mature, I enjoy discovering the special gifts and talents that God has given them.

My parents and siblings have loved me and helped me through some incredibly difficult times. I don’t know if I could have kept my sanity without them. For all of their love, encouragement, and sacrifice over the years, I am thankful.


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