You Can’t Avoid the Storms

Storm chasers and tornado chasers enjoy the thrill of observing the beauty and power of nature. However, they can get caught in the deadly weather during their quest for an adventure. After living through Hurricane Charley and feeling the eye of the storm shake the walls of my house, I pass on all storm-related activities.  Hearing the wind pick up objects and throw them against my window frightens me, especially after my bedroom windows were broken during Charley’s temper tantrum.

I have a tendency to avoid storms. When I hear that a hurricane is forming and may possibly impact my area, I review my plan of escape. I have no intention of taking a seat near the window and watching a hurricane play with the objects in my yard.

This tendency to avoid storms is also played out in my personal life. I like to make good choices and plan in advance to avoid unnecessary pain and heartache, but the storms of life can’t always be avoided. Despite my best efforts, problems still occur.

I can’t control all the events in my life or the lives of those that I love. When facing a problem, I can either panic or place my trust in God. Fearing the future doesn’t take away the pain that awaits me. It only hinders my ability to deal with it effectively. In John 16:33, Jesus tells us, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” God tells us that we will have difficulties, but He will help us deal with them.

One way that God helps us deal with our problems is by delivering us from our fears (Psalm 34:4). God gives us the courage to overcome our fears and face our problems. He gives us the strength to admit our weaknesses. Although He won’t take away our problems, He will walk with us through our problems and help us to bravely face the situation at hand.

Another way that God helps us deal with the storms of life is by giving us wisdom. In James 1:5 we learn that God will give wisdom to anyone who asks in faith. God can help us make wise decisions during emotionally charged times.

God will allow us to experience difficulty, but He won’t abandon us. He doesn’t want us to fear the storms of life. Rather, He wants us to walk ahead with confidence, holding onto Him. After all, God can produce endurance by allowing us to exercise our faith (James 1:2). And “endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope” (Romans 5:3).

Hope comes from walking down through the storms of life. Once God has helped us overcome one obstacle, we become more confident that He can help us overcome other obstacles. Our lives fill with hope, and the hope living inside of us is seen by others who are struggling. They watch our lives and see our victories, and they have hope that God perform victories in their lives as well.


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