Joy Today


Water. (Photo credit: Carnie Lewis)

But let all who take refuge in the Lord rejoice: let them shout for joy forever. May You shelter them, and may those who love Your name boast about you. Psalm 5:11

In the past, joy often escaped me on painful days when people hurt my feelings or misunderstood what I had to say. If I got into a fight or someone told lies about me, I was devastated and kept mulling over the insults in my mind for days. I’m beginning to change my attitude; I don’t care as much about the opinion of others, and I don’t spend as much time trying to please them. There is only one person that I need to please, and His name is Jesus.

Jesus also reminds me that the opinions of others are not that important (Galations 1:10). As is often seen in polls,  a president’s popularity goes up and down constantly. No politician can seem to make everyone happy. Even Jesus was criticized and condemned when he healed people and fed the hungry. What makes me think that I will be loved and adored by everyone when Jesus was condemned and crucified? He was perfect, and I am not.

So when other people try to knock me down, I need to go to God for refuge and rejoice in Him. He offers me joy and acceptance. As I seek to please Him and only Him, my joy increases. Attempting to garner the praise and acceptance of others is much like trying to hold water in my hands. The praise and admiration of others slips away like water dripping through my fingertips.

Today, I choose the joy that comes from basking in the warmth of God’s love and acceptance.  I choose to run to God with my problems and rejoice in the blessings that He has given me.


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One Response to Joy Today

  1. Noel Williams (prhayz) says:

    Wise words MainWriters. In the end, the only opinion that counts is God. Will He say? Welcome to my Kingdom, or will He say? Depart from me. I never knew you.

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