Blog Hop May 7-14

During May 7-14 the Christian marketing group, John 316, will be having a blog hop. Fifty-five Christian authors and writers will be donating free items on their website or having visitors enter a contest to win a prize. The goal of the blog hop is to encourage people to visit the different author blogs. There will be links to all 55 author sites on our blog during the blog hop.

Kevin and I will be offering free downloadable greeting cards to anyone who visits our sites. These greeting cards can be printed from your printer and feature some of Kevin’s photographs that he sells at art shows. (These will be small pictures. To get larger pictures or to buy a canvas, visit

There will be a variety of prizes offered by the different websites. The grand prizes are two Kindles. If visitors sign up for the free ezine at between May 7-14, they will be entered to win a Kindle.


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5 Responses to Blog Hop May 7-14

  1. Noel Williams (prhayz) says:


  2. Lisa Lickel says:

    Thanks for being a stop on the hop!

  3. MainWriters says:

    I’m glad your a stop on the hop! I enjoy your site (as if there were an option). Love you!

    Your sweetheart!

  4. Beautiful photography! Thanks for participating in the HOP and in the Network!

    Ray W. Lincoln

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