God’s Faithfulness When Your World Is Falling Apart

LORD, Your word is forever; it is firmly fixed in heaven.
Your faithfulness is for all generations; You established the earth, and it stands firm.
They stand today in accordance with Your judgments, for all things are Your servants.
If Your instruction had not been my delight, I would have died in my affliction.
I will never forget Your precepts, for You have given me life through them.
I am Yours; save me, for I have sought Your precepts.
The wicked hope to destroy me, but I contemplate Your decrees.
I have seen a limit to all perfection, but Your command is without limit.
Psalm 119:89-96

If Your instruction had not been my delight, I would have died in my affliction. There comes a point in life when we stand totally at the mercy of God. No amount of good decisions or proper planning can get us out of the mess that we are in. We stand totally and completely helpless, waiting for God’s mercy and help.

For some people, this point comes when they hear that they have been diagnosed with a terrible disease such as cancer. Even with the best surgeons, diets, and positive outlooks, people still suffer and die. It is at these moments that we realize that not all of life is in our control. Yes, we can make life better by making good choices, but we can’t control everything that affects us in life. We can’t control a genetic predisposition towards cancer or a drunk driver who swerves to hit us in our lane. We can’t control other people and the choices that they make any more than we can control the diseases that often end our lives.

The best course of action for these times is to fall at the feet of Jesus and beg for his help. “Dear God, I can not fix this situation on my own. No amount of planning or good choices can alleviate this problem. I need You. I need divine intervention.” During the storms of life, we must patiently wait on God. Sometimes He performs a miracle and saves us with His mighty hand. Other times He picks us up and comforts us, holding us close and gently reassuring us of His love. At times His presence is so near that it can almost be physically felt.

Listen to “Jesus Bring the Rain” by Mercy Me


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