The Eyes of God

Picture taken by Hubble Space telescope

A picture of God's awesome creation, the Helix Nebula is often referred to as the "Eye of God." The picture was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Finding acceptance in the love of Jesus Christ

by Kevin Main

 Most people spend their lives searching for acceptance, but often they only find emptiness. However, they may just be looking in the wrong place. In a harsh, uncaring world, people search for acceptance. They search for something to take the pain of loneliness away–the kind of loneliness found in a room full of people.

 The 1960’s and ‘70’s saw radical changes in culture. It was an all out attack on the status quo. Guys began growing long hair, and girls’ hair grew even longer. The culture was inundated with drugs, hard rock, and “free love” (which is anything but free…). The teens of the 60’s and 70’s thought they were taking a stand, standing out. But when it came right down to it, they weren’t standing out. They were fitting in, or hiding behind something. They were not so different.

 In fact, in numerous ways, they were similar to the generations that came before and after them. Their parents had sought for acceptance with their bobby socks and leather jackets and now their children and grandchildren seek for this same feeling of validation in their ipods and cell phones. The desperate search to fit in spans all generations. All people seem to be searching for something, searching for acceptance by their world. A song came out of the mid 1970’s that sums it up:

“In searching for the way to go, I’ve followed all the rules,

The way they say to choose between, the wise men and the fools.

But knowing who to listen to, is something else again,

Words just whistle ‘round my head, like seasons in the wind”

The song was called “Come and Let Me Look in Your Eyes”. This song had beautiful lyrics, but it offered no answers. It was about the search, but what it found was emptiness. And still people search for acceptance in a world with wise men and fools. The seasons fly by like the wind, a whirlwind, knocking down the empty seekers. They get up dazed, and find 30 years have passed them by.

 All the searchings and longings of this world contradict the way to true peace as outlined in the Bible. God calls people to “shine like stars in the universe as [they] hold out the word of life”(Philippians 2:15). This is a call to be different and to hold out a life-changing message rather than hide behind a designer T-shirt. And the search for love is about giving love to others in contrast to seeking it.  The only way to find unconditional acceptance is in Jesus Christ. He is the one who took on the very nature of a servant to show how to love, then humbled himself to death, even death on a cross. His arms were stretched wide, wide enough to accept all who were searching and still search today.

 The search can come to an end. The emptiness is self-inflected. There is good news–the one thing in life that you really can’t live without, once found, can never be lost. Those hours spent searching on bended knees for a clearer vision can now be spent in prayer, in praise. God is alive in everything people can touch, feel, smell…   and see. He’s waiting for those who seek him. Waiting for them to come and look in His eyes.

   Listen to “Come and Let Me Look in Your Eyes.”

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