Psalm 119: In a Hurry to Obey God’s Word

60 I will hasten and not delay
   to obey your commands.
Psalm 119:60

I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands. This psalm shows a commitment to God’s word. The writer doesn’t obey God’s word as a last resort. Instead, obeying God’s word is given top priority. Instead of merely being forced to comply with God’s laws out of fear of punishment, the psalmist eagerly sets out to do as God instructs. This reminds me of the difference between a child who immediately obeys a parent’s commands rather than a child who only obeys after being informed of the  consequences for disobedience. It is obvious that the writer follows God with a willing heart.

My heart has not always been as eager to obey God as it should have been.  At times, I have obeyed Him because I didn’t want to face the consequences. Other times I have obeyed God because I sincerely wanted to please Him. I think that my own tendency to follow God’s law willingly is often a trust issue. Do I trust Him enough to know what’s best for me? Am I willing to follow His orders like a good soldier, or do I let the fear of pain or disappointment cause me to question God and His word? It is often easier for me to trust God and obey Him when I look back over my life. I can see how God has taken my horribly painful disappointments  and heartaches and brought something good out of them. I have seen God work all things together for good in my life, like Romans 8:28 says. Those things may have been horrible, evil things, but God used them to bring about something positive. He brought me great joy, restoration, and an awesome husband after a terribly painful divorce.

God has performed this wonderful process of bringing good out of bad situations for numerous people, including Dave Ramsey. After building up wealth, Dave lost almost everything he owned and had to rebuild his wealth one slow step at a time. Now he teaches others how to manage their money effectively. There are no quick steps to success in his program, just slow, disciplined steps that add up over time. God used the lessons he learned as tools to help others. The financial devastation Dave experienced was not positive, but the way Dave has helped other people overcome their financial struggles definitely is.

As we look at our own lives and the lives of others, we begin to realize that God can be trusted. He deeply cares for us and can bring beauty and restoration to our lives. Since God loves us and has the power to work for good in our lives, shouldn’t we trust him? Shouldn’t we obey Him with a willing heart?


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