Finally, Autumn!

I want to roll in a pile of newly raked leaves

And feel the wrinkled texture as they rub my face

And break in my hands

I want to breathe deep and know it is autumn


I want to hop from rock to rock in a creek running low

And pick up a stone and crack it against another

To re-embrace a smell from my childhood

As leaves float by like arks for ants and dragonflies


I want to hike in woods full of fallen leaves

As wood smoke filters thru the trees and down the valley

I want to kick the leaves just because I can

And watch the dust stir in the smoky rays of light


I want to walk a country lane in the crisp evening air

And pass fields full of dried and broken cornstalks

And houses with porches

Lit by hopeful jack-o-lanterns


I want to run ‘till the cold air chokes my lungs

Then shiver in the fading of the day

Choosing to stay outside as a reminder

That the cold will be missed in July


I want to hear a dog bark in the distance

As the moon rises over the fields

I want to lay on my back and take in every star

And, as my breath condenses in the cold air,

I want to breathe deep and know it is Autumn



About MainWriters

Writer and photographer
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