God Collects Our Tears

dont cry, sweet child o' mine

You yourself have recorded my wanderings. Put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in your records? Psalm 56:8 CSB

During the time of King David of Israel, people would take small bottles to those who were mourning or experiencing a time of deep sadness. The heartbroken individual would take the bottle and use it to collect their tears. The bottle would serve as a memorial of that period, in the same manner that we construct memorials for 9/11 or Vietnam. However, this type of memorial was more of a personal memorial rather than a national one.

David was so confident in God’s love and concern for him that he asked God to collect his tears in a bottle. Without a doubt, David believed that God watched ever tear that fell from his face and recorded them.

God is our best comforter. Unlike our friends and family members who can not stay with us constantly, God never leaves our side. He is there with us during the lonely nights as we lay awake and cry. He is there with us when everyone else is busy, and we are all alone. He never leaves us. He catches all the tears that fall from our faces and records them in His book.


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