A Florida Summer Mourning

 Funeral service notes from 9/30/2011.

 I would like everyone to take a moment and bow your heads to mourn the passing of summer. Summer was less than 6 months old when she passed away. However, in those short months she brought to us a warmth that could only be described as, err, well, painful. Her humidity, while keeping my skin nice and soft, also kept my sweat pores nice and open- all the time. She was always doing something that made me want to respond to her, with gifts of sunscreen and bug spray. Her impetuousness always kept me wondering, would I be soaked in my sweat or her raindrops? The wind before the rain was just a taunting reminder of her cousins, Fall and Spring. The rain quickly washed the memory away, often followed by the return of her sun and choking humidity. None the less, we loved her anyway, as she gave us undeniable memories – sunburns, dehydration, and mosquito bites.

 Now please get up, say a silent prayer, and quietly walk out of the room. Summer is gone.

  So, you Floridians, go outside and enjoy the best day of the year- the birth of Fall !!!!!!!!



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