Ivy’s Iridescence

By Kevin Main.

Here is a little poem I wrote for my daughter, Ivy. I believe it is important for fathers to make their daughters feel special. My upcoming illustrated children’s book, I See You There, My Father’s Love, also explores a father’s relationship with his children.



I see a face full of mercy and grace

With a light in her eyes that could shame the sunrise

Much more accustom to giggles and wiggles

The smile that she’s hatching is endlessly catching


Endlessly glowing, just like the wind blowing

Over the tresses she never addresses

Humming a tune to the light of the moon

While the wind keeps pace just to light on her face


Playfully charming, with laughter disarming

When instruction needed goes largely unheeded

She just wants to play while today’s still today

So I let her play late for tomorrow can wait


A step more like dancing while cautiously glancing

To see if I’m gazing (she’s begging for praising)

Attention she needs like the wind needs the reeds

Not always dutiful, she’s carelessly beautiful




About MainWriters

Writer and photographer
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2 Responses to Ivy’s Iridescence

  1. Kathleen Sweeney says:

    Speaks volumnes. Very nice.

  2. Merry says:

    A lovely poem–certainly fit Ivy to a T.

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