How Do All Things Work Together for Good?

Bethany Hamilton, surfer and survivor of tiger shark attack

Bethany Hamilton: Soul Surfer

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

When Bethany Hamilton was 13 years old, a 15-foot tiger shark bit off her left arm while she was surfing. Although she lost 60% of her blood after the savage attack, she miraculously survived. However, her dream of becoming a professional surfer seemed impossible to fulfill. She had won several surfing competitions and was one of the best female amateur surfers in the country, but how could she compete with only one arm? She couldn’t even dress herself. In a classic scene from Soul Surfer, the movie based on her life story, she asked her youth leader, “How can God bring any good out of this?” The youth leader responded, “I don’t know.”

When faced with our own tragedies, we are often clueless, just like Bethany and her youth leader. We don’t understand how God can bring any good out of our seemingly impossible circumstances. It is during this dark time that we have to wait and patiently trust that God will use this devastating event to bring about something positive. During her period of waiting and questioning, Bethany held on to her faith.

After a period of time, God began to do the miraculous. Bethany slowly learned to take care of herself with only one arm, and she began surfing again. At times, it was so discouraging that she wanted to give up. Her dad came along beside her and helped her to persevere and reach her goals. In 2005, a little over a year after the attack, she won her first national title. When asked by a television reporter if she would change the events that led up to her shark attack, she surprised viewers with an astonishing answer–no. It was her belief that the attack allowed her to embrace more people than she would have ever been able to embrace before. People with physical disabilities and enormous life obstacles had been encouraged by her story. She had given them the courage to engage life and refuse to be bound by limitations. Indeed, Romans 8:28 did come true in her life. The question she asked, “How can God bring any good out of this?” finally had an answer.

Just as God brought hope and healing to Bethany Hamilton after a tiger shark ripped off her left arm with a crushing bite, God bring good from whatever situation you are facing.


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