Two Trees

by Kevin Main

I saw two trees this morning that had grown up wrapped around each other. Both were standing tall, alone except for the shrubs hiding their feet. Alone in an area that had not too long ago been full of trees. But the winds came at hurricane force and the single trees could not stand up to the stress and strain and, one by one, were pushed over or snapped by the persistent onslaught.

 The two trees were not without damage from the storm. Their skin was chafed and worn, in some places even worn off, allowing the inner life’s flow to spill down their trunks. But the wounds were long healed, leaving scars, but making the trees stronger at those points, so the day to day chafing was not so harmful.

Had the two trees not worked as one they would surely have fallen, but working together, despite some pain and loss, kept them standing strong, able to grow and face future challenges.

Trees twisted around each other after a hurricane

Two trees of marriage

Is this not a picture of how marriage works? There are times of chafing, even scars at times, but together two can stand where others may fall. Yet even standing together, both might fall if not rooted in the rich soil of the Savior. Though He is often hidden from view amongst life’s busyness, if they stay rooted, drinking up the living water, they can stand.


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